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1393 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 312N, Hauppauge, NY 11788 -- Phone: 631-265-5344, 631-549-0881 Fax: 631-549-1091

Legal Services

Specializing in the area of Elder Law, The Law Office of Donna J. Villanova prides itself on personalized, expert legal services in all areas of elder Law. Recognizing and acknowledging the dignity and individuality of all of her clients enables Ms. Villanova to ascertain the exact needs of each client and provide the appropriate legal services to meet those needs.

Elder Law?

Elder Law is a combination of areas that deal with the issues of aging. It's never too early or too late to prepare for the future. Just as taking care of one’s physical health during youth and mid-life leads to a longer, more productive life, being prepared legally for the future and for possible unforeseen events in life gives us peace of mind and a “healthy” plan for any future life event. It allows you to have control of your affairs in the event of short or long-term incapacity and also provides assurances that your wishes will be carried out after your death.

1) Estate Planning: There is no substitute for adequate estate planning. Contentious family disputes and litigation can be avoided with proper planning. Ms. Villanova meets with the client to determine their exact needs and wishes and then prepares personalized documents designed to meet the expectations of that specific client. With over ten years of experience preparing Wills, Trusts (special needs trusts, life insurance trusts, real property trusts, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, charitable remainder trusts etc.) and advance directives such as Power of Attorney, Living Will and Health Care Proxies, Ms. Villanova listens carefully to the client, provides expert advice and then prepares the appropriate documents for that specific client. The office prides itself on preparing personalized, case specific estate planning documents that meet the particular needs and goals of each client. We assist you with all of your long-term care planning needs.

2) Long Term Care Planning: To avoid having to use one’s entire life savings to provide nursing home care in the event of catastrophic illness, proper planning done in advance of applying for government benefits can help to offset the cost of long-term care. Penalty periods, look-back periods, eligibility requirements, spend-downs, exempt assets, resource limits, coverage limits, certification, community care, nursing home care, community spouse resource allowance, monthly maintenance allowance, long-term care insurance - these terms can be confusing and overwhelming, especially during a time of illness and great stress. The Law Office of Donna J. Villanova can assist in those trying times and provide the guidance and expertise necessary to meet the client’s needs and objectives.

3) Guardianship: Sometimes a family member, friend or loved one has not adequately prepared for a situation where they become incapacitated, either from an accident or from health issues such as a stroke or Alzheimer’s. In such a situation, they become unable to manage their financial affairs or to properly care for their personal needs. Guardianship is one of the most effective methods of protecting the person and property of an incapacitated person. The Law Office of Donna J. Villanova has substantial experience in the complex area of guardianship law. Such matters are handled by Ms. Villanova with the utmost delicacy and compassion, and always with the best interests of the alleged incapacitated person in mind.

But, sometimes a guardianship proceeding is instituted by someone who you do not believe has the best interests of your loved one in mind. A guardianship proceeding can be contested by the incapacitated person or by some other person, either of whom claims that the guardianship either isn’t necessary or that the person requesting the guardianship doe not have the best interests of the “incapacitated person” in mind. Donna Villanova has extensive experience working in contested guardianship matters.

4) Probate and Estate Administration: After the death of a loved one, the family can be overwhelmed, not only with grief from their loss, but with the sometimes burdensome process of probate or estate administration. The Law Office of Donna J. Villanova has handled dozens of probate and administrative matters in a professional, expeditious and compassionate matter. The office handles every aspect of finalizing a loved one’s estate, including the legal process, sale of real property, if necessary, transfer of assets, disbursement of bequest and payment of debts. The family is relieved of the burden and able to concentrate on remembering their loved one while moving forward in their own lives.

5) Supplemental Needs Trusts: For those who may have a disabled child or family member, the supplemental needs trust is an invaluable tool to provide for the disabled person while not jeopardizing any government benefits they may be receiving. This type of trust can be set up during your lifetime (inter vivos) or as a testamentary trust upon your death.

6) Elder Law Mediation: Sometimes the family needs someone to intervene when talking to an elderly relative about their circumstances. Elder Law Mediation gives the family an opportunity to address whatever issues and concerns they have in a forum that allows, hopefully, for resolution without litigation.

Disclaimer: Information displayed on this web site is not offered as, nor does it constitute, legal advice. Should you seek legal advice you must consult an attorney personally. Villanova Elder Law is pleased to receive all means of contact from you; phone, letters, or e-mail. Please note such contact does not create an attorney-client relationship. Be cautioned not to send confidential information to Villanova Elder Law until such time as an attorney-client relationship is establlished.

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1393 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 312N, Hauppauge, NY 11788 -- Phone: 631-265-5344, 631-549-0881 Fax: 631-549-1091
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